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Transcript for What Would You Do: Thief steals a lady’s engagement ring at nail salon

?????? Gisele is getting a brand new nicure blow their own horns her beautif ring. That is a beaul ring. Thanks. However M is ready to pilfer that bling. I put this the dish. I’m going to be rightck. Oh, I’m going to heou Does this case glance acquainted? He French tip the pedicure pocket, no matter you wish to have to name this po are taking a look he Police say aghtfand robbery used to be just lately stuck O digital camera. This girl allegedly left with maniedi and some other wom weddg ring. She haw rged with grand robbery. On this Saha nail clipping bandit of our personal. If you happen to noticed some swi eelse’s engement ring — my ring? –What wouldou do?” Our digital camera is are rolling kaa L’s get your nailsg your ring. A is casing the joint. Raise it up? I dt pickut my Colo Asur buyer steps away to select that Polish, O manicu bandit steps in, and takes H and this girl S the whol ING. Excuse . Yeah. You simply took her ring. No. Sure, you simply herring. Me? Sure. Me? Sure. H and I watched you stroll right here andake her ring. Com You Toor here’s my ring? You took her ring. Ease dpif it bagive it again to her. I am not certain what she is lking Abou I Thi’m going pass. I am Neally feeling really well — D go away, she has her she took Y ring. Ring. Madisries to make a handy guide a rough getaway. I am going head T. That is azy.omebody name Prior to she makes that C- all proper. There pass. E take a look at her. Hello how are you doing? No, no, no. Her pass. You’t watch some do one thing like T and N react to it.s we roll aga — hing sparkly, proper? Ts guy is witnessing our ba swipeha bling. The place is my You D somebody take it? He T about it. Excuse me.did you S someby take my ring. Say me on. Say it. He in truth did. He’s Noto talk the you actlly DI You took my Ng? It is I her bag presently. Are you able to open mybag? I H to move. A decision. And for the second one time Toda — Name the police. Do not let her pass. I do not kwhatis speaking about. The hoop is for your bag.d me, W T this a the hoop. Hello ere. Time to inform him his account is correct on. Wow. Ok. You were not going to let her go away. Completely no longer. There no approach.ding in entrance of the D and calling the police used to be as

This transcript has been robotically generated and is probably not 100% correct.

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