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Transcript for 61-year-old CEO stocks his guidelines for staying have compatibility at any age

As summer time ends and we get again to trade many people are king about kick-starting our well being and health for iration chk this man. He’s 61 years and obviously — O approach. He is a superb pal of mine out with a brand new e-book about how we C the most productive spe of our lives anyhile nonetheless consuming a little bit bitf ice crm. Eck it out 6:00.m. In midtown tan. Comeup. Reporter: Those most commonly 20 somethgs are grinding it out in a just about hour-long boot camp. Two, one. Orter: Rig there in T factor of items that G is a 61-year-old. Prm in 2012 as a to grow to be his dating W Ultimate time, highest time. Reporter: The group trains wholesome handiest is Zelnick ripped ugh toave graced the duvet of en’sfitness” C E two interactivech ow such hits grand robbery auto. Now he sng his90-day plan tojumpta your heath and in new e-book changing into gels the 4 secretso taking a look an feeng more youthful than ever. The Pilla is workout. What I suggene take a stroll for 15utes after which two days aeek for 1 min let’sdd T push-uefore the Slowly is a he concept.what are the opposite large ones. Eatinogram thats good and good and Dr aroved that provides you with extra , make you healthier and precise reason you to lose Weig Ian say I your protection this mans ice cream. I do. Of myigtakeaways, I ne physician haveropriatescenings. That I a part of LG gond the overall piece is expand some religious lifestyles. Tank I a togethers a holistic approa. Age Wil not outline you. If I may just stay alongside of him E although he is just about ears older I agreed to hit the gymnasium with him. Why a my such a lot lighte right here we pass. Taking a look just right. Sort . Simply two extra instances. I may just it 15 instances. Oh,just right. Ook at his biceps take a look at his. It is peculiar more difficult the fourth time in Reporter: 28 mins I I used to be as I entered the later phases of MI Three-year-old E highest Sha of my lifestyles. In do you thinkou be capable of do it.lifestyles seems to be love it D no positive. I’ve paintings to do. All proper. Here is the C factor. That was once Strauss’ 3rd T of THA day. Of the day? Of theday. He does not do this day. Simply B we have been following him round with a got here he is in a position T — he is so have compatibility he may just do it even idea’is 3rd. When some would possibly S susceptible that is if truth be told what we see, Dan. We see energy and we Sure. With”rocky” performed within the background.what did Y name ur Python. Python proper right here. I used to be going to mention iw we wereff to a just right get started while you cald the kettlebell a bell. That is going to be an ideal exercise, people. I am not that. Do you if truth be told understand how T use those. I did not till I W out withstrauss. You might be hdingt with one hand. Whs the apppriate — askauss. I’ve to mention,he reality that he is 61 and thatfie has — and we’re he’observed the only largest uence on myhealth es of anyone I have ever met that F 61, we will do it at age. The ones pythons, arduous to are living as much as. That is proper. We will Brit again. Stay it right here. Cross

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