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Are Laikipia’s recuperating lions turning to endangered Grevy’s zebras (Equus grevyi) for his or her subsequent meal?

That is what a group of researchers led by means of WCS and WWF got down to uncover — whether or not the comeback of a most sensible predator — on this case lions in Laikipa County, Kenya — had been recuperating on the expense of Grevy’s zebras, which quantity simplest round 2,680 people with part of the ones dwelling in Likipia.

In recent times, lion numbers have slowly recovered on this area as farm animals ranching — which repeatedly practiced capturing or poisoning lions — has given method to flora and fauna tourism. Lions (Panthera leo) are categorised as Threatened by means of IUCN.

Publishing their leads to the magazine PLOS ONE, the group used satellite tv for pc telemetry to trace the actions of each lions and zebras.

The group discovered that lions preyed on each Grevy’s and plains zebras (Equus quagga) some distance lower than anticipated. Their information confirmed that the inhabitants of Grevy’s zebra populations would possibly in reality be stabilizing with recruitment into the inhabitants tripling since 2004.

The researchers did conclude that aggressive displacement by means of farm animals and interference pageant for grass from plains zebras, which might be 22 instances extra considerable than Grevy’s, are perhaps the important danger to Grevy’s zebras’ restoration.

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