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Transcript for What Would You Do: Supervisor tells guy to hide up his Impeach 45 blouse

we are again at Randolph the place ouranager has refused a customer support Beuse he is wea a pro-tru make The usa nice once more hat. Nte that hatff, won’t mattress. Oy ‘S ght.’m no longer takit Smartly,chicken you wi no longer be served on this eating place. However now we are switching issues how ll custo react WHE our supervisor refuses servicto briafor wearinan anti-trp impeach 45 t-shirt?e identical kinof t-shirts that sparked protests and made information when then on Salen waarit tporters are threatening to boycott Walmart over anti-trumrchandise being bought on its web site. A boycott Wal marketing campaign ga speedy. Wat stopped lling the shirts, announcing in a remark the itemse from a third-party dealer and can be got rid will Haen in thisin nowadays? ‘M sorry, R, however I am afraid that we have got a small drawback. I am wonding if youould Ange out oth. What is incorrect with myirt? Your blouse appearing disrespect for C and president it ssim. UT I am all to put on a blouse. You are allowed to put on a lady way our supervisor telling he is were given vote. I trust you 100% Youee with me? Sure. Thanks very a lot. Did not wto one thing. I want you’ll inform. S taking a look R consideration it is simply terrible. Awfuhesident, he been voted give him ahot. I understood the place he was once Ming from purpose — The magazine The mageryeah. Bee eot age with O president, he’s our president. And this ne additionally makes it transparent that he facets with the executive and his mandate that insane? You’rlking to T incorrect guy, son.freedom haa paid mine. Rig, N’t I’ve the to pay for it once in a while. I assumed all of us had the best to our personal evaluations. Sure, do. He H the best to not serve you, too. He has the best to refuse carrier to anyone, individually. S Lons you might be dressed in that blouse, we may not serve you. We are rolling once more, and there are two sediners WATC the motion He received the election, you let him do his. And resphim. Ok, gre. R opinion. Ve were given my in Tmas to mention one thing. All of sudden, tma. Name the police I do not undand. CL the poli?ure. U’ the best factor.he police. T? Shame. As a result of a t-shirt? It is a shame. Absutely.ah, name the police. Get him out. Consider him? You agreeith him? Youet your existence. Wow, for a t-shirt? You will have me personal ail? That is incredible. Ie so. As thscene playout, this P on the nt te with their ft. It need somfood.eople are G. Sorry, I allow you to Yous, I don’tgr you. He has hight to hiowinion. Making itlear they do not trust the executive, or the ones different diners U. If I we you, I simply get and leavoo. N’t give H that, younow? His in finding daughter make their Rom thein, and rightnto the hurricane brewing on the subsequent desk. If you happen to put on tsh you might be no longer our nation. That is not true. That your opinion, and I am allod my politil Because the atrages on, takes ois telephone and startsecording.his is an Sult to our nation, to our constion, to ma this the St nation it may be. Then ke begins estioning the novice photographer about his perspectives. Ts does not the you? No. The blouse he is dressed in does not hassle you? No. Hinsulting R no. Oesn’t hassle And when supervisor walks awaythis dinerets Brian ow he is were given his again. If he may not serve you, I may not are both,oo I’m going to go away, too. Ch I appreate that. Now, Mike tries to kick Brian out of the D Sce you haven’t coverenged in th bathom, we are ING to invite you to go away. Se go away. Simply likesain y,ian was once wing at Maga hat — ould all G up and go away. S diner iso E we could as much as av wow, right here move. He is goie, too. Sorry, sir. Can I am getting you the rest N I am case you are moi’m having additionally. We catch up inside of bore heakes it the it is “What would you do?” The TV display. At lesson you wanr to be informed T Simply tope it is time. Wh you spot wng, you ne What ife Aring a pro-trump T? E factor. I imply, is a loose nation. You did not have to try this. Imply, you GU are hungrou may just haveyed, it is in out of doors. Yeah, we had been going again ouinto the rain. Wano positive heard corctly. Can I you a query? Did he actually say that he was once going tosk you to av He says on account of my blouse, I am not allowed to consume right here. Kay. He is announcing. All so I stated, do not you imagine in loose spch? Cannot I categorical myself? Rstand he mire T allowed to. Proper. Otu’re announcing, Whoe I me, it was once N offensive ime to mention hi. Oh, my you!or preside T and I do strengthen trump. Ashairt. Yeah, I nonetheless — hs entitled G. You are trump supporter and also you defended him. I am an individual, too. We are all American in our own residence, my husbandnged hisom republican Democrat. So if we will be able to exist in personal me get alongwhy N’t we wit communities? Do you might have one thing else that you’ll duvet that up with? C? Es, sir. Why? As a result of it is disrespecting our president. Be’sisrespectiur nation. Thi diner makest transparent tohat he is the professional. I do not care what his t-shirt says now, if he was once purpose a prm, I am a ted St marine. I would probabake care oth drawback. However righnoot inflicting drawback. And ink that’bitter individual bias towards that and that’s the reason simply my opinion. I feel imy character patism. Certain — I am a marine he Vietnam generation, so do not me about patism. As a marine, we are auto EP in and no longer Stanback. D do what edne on the time that it must be performed. You notice sething that’s not proper, Y for society, rise up, say th thank your your carrier. You are come. And mt loudly nowadays. Regardlesst they had been on. If you are no longer bothering an and in case you are jus wearina N I am nice with it. Whethe no longer you aee is irrelt. Iean that is what this nation’s based on, is not it? The best to loose speech and to talk up for whau earing a 3rd or a hat that make The usa nice. THAs considered one of amendments, atthe freedoms. So you might have an to ex perspectives herein this nation, and that’s the reason an with T The oneng maximum evyone ags that fundamental American rigfreedom of expression.

This transcript has been mechanically generated and is probably not 100% correct.

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