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  • Now Enjoying: Guy seems to had been bitten by means of shark in Texas

  • Now Enjoying: NFL gamers take a knee, elevate fists right through nationwide anthem

  • Now Enjoying: Trainer discovers enamel from extinct mega-shark

  • Now Enjoying: ‘I am a blank … white lady,’ DUI suspect tells police officers

  • Now Enjoying: Teenager driven off bridge thinks she ‘fainted midair’

  • Now Enjoying: Sikh guy attacked: Police leader is helping son’s arrest

  • Now Enjoying: Charlottesville prepares for anniversary of fatal protests

  • Now Enjoying: First woman’s folks formally granted US citizenship

  • Now Enjoying: Wake Wooded area basketball trainer arrested for deadly punch

  • Now Enjoying: ‘New york Madam’ anticipated sooner than Mueller grand jury

  • Now Enjoying: Extra houses in peril as wildfire grows

  • Now Enjoying: Trainer in courtroom after alleged punch kills vacationer

  • Now Enjoying: Father accused of throwing useless child in New York river returned to US

  • Now Enjoying: New video of fatal police capturing

  • Now Enjoying: Arsenal of guns on NM compound the place stays discovered: Police

  • Now Enjoying: Guy: He may well be one of the vital remaining folks to have noticed lacking pupil

  • Now Enjoying: Groom marries at the seaside after which rescues stranded swimmer

  • Now Enjoying: Guy on motorcycle killed after allegedly exchanging fireplace with officials: Police

  • Now Enjoying: Teenager driven off bridge virtually 60 ft within the air: ‘I may’ve fainted midair’

  • Now Enjoying: Police leader IDs son as suspect in brutal beating of 71-year-old guy

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