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Transcript for Fireworks as FBI agent faces off with lawmakers in textual content flap

And we start with the fireworks on capitol hill,unfog on reside TV. From time to time,his was once uncomfortable tc thetate of politics these days. As an agent attempted to protect himself and hixt message Abt then-candidate Donald Trump. Some lawmakers no longer hav it. That agent, puppy strzo for months, thghfor grievance of the FBI and breaking his siat instances, the hearingppearing chaotic and downrightpe.c’s pierr Thomas, who witnessed it, is on thll night time. Reporter: Embattled FBI agent Peter strzok, beneath hearth for months, this night,oming to capitol hill to check out and C his title. Observe in my 26 Y of protecting our natioid rsnions affect any officialion I took. Reporter: Strzok, who was once deeply lived in theillary Clinton electronic mail investigation, and the early phases of the Russia probe, was the sou of rliacks after the invention of personalexts H exchanged with fawlisa web page. The messages, deeply essential of presidentiandidate Donald Trump. Ne, web page writes, “god,mp is a loathsome human.” Rzok responds, “Gyet he would possibly win.erica gets what the vote casting public deser” in every other trade, strzok callinump “An fool.” Pronouncing, “He is terrible.” Grew to become our machine on its head and that is the reason Y this issues. Reporter: Iy’s explosive hears, St, defiant, accusing ak aying proper into Russia’s fingers. I take a look at imagine these days’ listening to is solely anotvictory notch in Putin’s belt and aside. Reporter: He accu repuans of twisting his phrases. I do not appatat was once at the start stated being modified. I do not givda what you apprecia, agent strzok. I do not respect having an agent with an unparalleled ve animus wing on two primary investigations all the way through 2016. Rorter: Republicans seizing on one textual content trade specifically. FBI legal professional Lisa web page asks, “He isn’t ever going to president, proper? T?” Strzok replies, “no,he we’lop it.” Strzok says the ones feedback had been precipitated by way of T’s assault E Muslim oldsters of a fallen American soldier. You have got saiced not anything! And no person! Yook at his fe, she was once status there. She had nothtoshe more than likely -maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything else to mention. Reporter: Strozk insists his textual content was once an expression of natural outrage Itas in resnse to a sequence of occasions thatded then-candidate insulng the immigrant circle of relatives a fallen warfare hero. Y presumption, in response to rrible, disgusting conduct, that the American inhabitants would no longer elect some demonstrating that conduct president of the US. Reporte he then fixed a searing no longer of simply himself, however of the FBI. I will be able to guarantee you, Mr. Chairman, at no Tim in of those texts did the ones private ideals evnter the world of any motion I took. And the suggest that it is happening, thattight happen the FBI, deeply corros what the FBI is in American society, thfectiveness in their ssion and its deeply destrue. Reporter: Democrats, objecting all through raucous listening to. Level Oder! Sure it ir. Chairman. Reporter: Accusing Republicans of looking to unrmine the ecial recommend investigation into Russian nd conceivable collusion with the tmp marketing campaign Thiaris a kangaroo court docket. This is a three-ring circus. Reporter: However Republicans, lentless. And I will be able to’t assist however wond when see you taking a look there th slightly smirk, how again and again did you looko blameless into 12 months ‘S eye and deceive her about Lisa – Airman, that is outrageo The credibility of a wis — Disgrace on you. Reporstrzok, unwavering. Have additionally informed the reality. The reality you possibly can accuse me otherwe, the truth T would query whether or not or N that was once one of these glance I’d have interaction with a fall my member I’ve stated hus extra to a discussibout yourharacter and what you stand for. And Pierre Thomas with us ve on capitol hill this night. And pier this W no longer the prettiest of days onapitol hill. It will appear T many, T had been few winners any place toe discovered. However simply to be transparent, Pierre, you will have reported in this earlier than, the justiceepartment did its personal examine inspector basic problems a rep about this lengthy earlier than this heated listen? Reporter: That is proper. Thenseral criticized strzokut nasty e-mails about strzok, butcluded that, quote, he didn’t documentary or tnial proof that come with political bias, dir AFFD the precise make investments gavive choices we reviewed. Finish dad? Pierre, thanks. We are going to flip now to the opposite fieryan the

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