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The 12 boys and their football trainer caught in a collapse Thailand had been bring to a halt from communique with the outdoor global for 2 weeks. However the oldsters of the men won a temporary respite from that silence on Saturday when Thai military SEALs delivered seven handwritten notes through the men.

The letters had been shared on social media through the Thai military SEALs and translated through ABC Information.

Or even some of the rigidity caused by the ongoing debate over learn how to rescue the football crew, the 13 other people short of rescuing had been maintaining the temper gentle, even joking about homework. The primary letter, which had no identify, stated, “In the event that they pass out, they would love to consume many stuff — they need to pass directly to their house — no longer an excessive amount of homework, please.”

“The youngsters are wholesome, coherent, having amusing, enjoying with each and every different — they’ve some minor cuts and minor accidents handiest,” stated Chiang Rai Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn on Saturday. “They’re somewhat drained as a result of they can’t get wholesome, balanced foods.”

The following six letters integrated transient notes written through each and every of the men.

Letter 2

Chanin “Tun” Wiboonrungrueng, 11: “Dad, Mum, do not be concerned I am advantageous. Inform Yord, get ready to carry me fried rooster to consume.”

Letter three

Sompong “Pong” Jaiwong, 13: “Pricey Mum and Dad, I really like you. Do not be disturbed, I am protected. Love you all.”

Pipat “Nick” Bodhi, 15: “Mum, Dad, Nick loves either one of you and brother. If I will pass out, carry to me red meat bbq please. I really like Mother, Dad and Brother.”

Letter four

The fourth letter from the Thai boys stuck in a cave included messages from Mongkol Mark Boonpiam, 14, and Panumas Mick Saengdee, 13.Thai Military SEALs
The fourth letter from the Thai boys caught in a cave integrated messages from Mongkol “Mark” Boonpiam, 14, and Panumas “Mick” Saengdee, 13.

Mongkol “Mark” Boonpiam, 14: “Are you OK at house mum? Please inform my instructor. Love you mum.”

Panumas “Mick” Saengdee, 13: “Do not be disturbed. I actually omit everybody. Grandpa, uncle, Dad, Mum and [my] brothers. I really like you all. I am more than happy right here. SEAL crew is caring for me rather well. Love you all.”

Letter five

Duangpetch “Dom” Promthep, 13: “I am advantageous however it is a little bit chilly, do not be concerned and do not fail to remember my birthday.”

Adul “Dul” Sam-on, 14: “Do not be disturbed about us now. I omit everybody. I need to return now.”

Letter 6

The sixth letter from the boys stuck in a cave in Thailand included messages from Peerapat Night Sompiangjai, 16; Nattawut Tle Takamsai, 14; and Prajak Note Sutham, 14.
Thai Military SEALs
The 6th letter from the men caught in a collapse Thailand integrated messages from Peerapat “Evening” Sompiangjai, 16; Nattawut “Tle” Takamsai, 14; and Prajak “Notice” Sutham, 14.

Peerapat “Evening” Sompiangjai, 16: “I really like Dad, Mum and brother. Do not be disturbed about me. Evening loves everybody.”

Nattawut “Tle” Takamsai, 14: “I omit Mum and Dad and [unintelligible] too. I really like either one of you. Do not be disturbed, I will maintain myself.”

Prajak “Notice” Sutham, 14: “I am protected, do not be concerned. Love you Mum, Dad and everybody.”

Letter 7

Ekkarat “Invoice” Wongsookchan, 14: “Mum and Dad, do not be concerned that I am lacking for 2 weeks. I will be able to permit you to on the store quickly.”

Pornchai “Tee” Kamluang, 16: “Mum, Dad, brother and circle of relatives. Do not be disturbed, I am more than happy.”

ABC Information’ Brandon Baur contributed to this file.

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