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Transcript for Trainer who tackled alleged shooter reunites with scholars at baseball (generic term)

ext this night, the hero instructor, wtopped a within an Indiana me college, talking out forhe first me. Jason seaman pronouncing his courageous S, quote, the onlycceptable motion T ke, turning the se towards the coed who was once received ABC’s Adrienne Bankert at the hero and the the emotional reunion with thedents he secure. Reporter: A hero’s welcome for the courageous teher, reunid along with his scholars after preventing a college S. F it were not for him, that will have been such a lot worse. Erally rishis existence for us. Reporter: Some not able to carry again S. Jason seaman, ING, taking a look smartly at a baseball (generic term), handiest days after being shot 3 ti My movements on thatday,n my thoughts, had been the one appropriate movements ild have accomplished, given the instances. I deeply care R my scholars and their smartly ING, so, that is why I did what I dhat day. E want a trauma equipment for room 619. Reporter: Friday on the mile college, seaman knocked the gun out of the shooter’s arms and wrestles him te gr. The instructor concernedella whistler, seriously injured and nonetheless within the hospit Her cou and power at this type of Y age is little short of outstanding. Reporter: However stus there simply starting the lengthy adventure of therapeutic. Tom, college officers say that los angeles is making growth. And police say theetepping up their presence on campus thro the tip O the varsity 12 months. Tom? All righ Adrienne, thanks.

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