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Transcript for 2 mariners rescued after being adrift in the Pacific for 5 months

??? Stare with me into the abyss ??? ( ??? ) Finally, the rescuers, our persons of the week. Reporter: It was that moment, that boat in the distance as the rescue team got closer, the two dogs, Valentine and zeus were just as eager to be saved. The wave from their owner, the kisses. After five months lost at sea, help had arrived for two women who were trying to make it from Honolulu to tahiti. When we saw you guys coming over the horizon, it was oh, god, we have been saved! Reporter: Jennifer appel, and Tasha fuiaba encountered three severe storms, and 2 days of shark attacks, swarming the boat. They did not think they were going to last another day. It was the most amazing feeling because we honestly did not believe we would survive another 24 hrs in the current situation. One night a group of seven sharks, 20 to 30 feet long. They had a year’s worth of food on board just in case, oatmeal, pasta, and rice, but they never thought they would need it. When we saw that great big grey ship it was just relief! Reporter: That big grey ship, the uss Ashland. When we saw you on the horizon it was just like yes! You’re here! Reporter: The women climbing to safety, special care for those dogs, getting a drink , and a way out. All of them grateful to those sailors, those crew members onboard the uss Ashland. After 5 months at sea. And so we choose those crew members. I’m David Muir. Thank you for watching. Have a good evening. ???

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